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  3. DigiWise presents 10.1 Inch IPS TFT-LCD HDMI Interface

Links:http://www.digiwise.asia/newsletter/10.1 inch HDMI_181025.pd ...

DigiWise is excited to announce a 10.1 inch high brightness version TFT display with high
resolution and great angle-visibility. This 10.1” TFT display has IPS panel with an HDMI signal
input, audio line out and backlight control and it is made of high resolution WXGA
It is designed to make Raspberry Pi usage easy. You can simply use this TFT display with your
Raspberry Pi, or also you can use this as computer display with any device which has HDMI
output. This 10.1" TFT model comes in 1280x800 resolution that would be great for
embedded computing usage too.